Ricardo designs room for BSO Designer Show House

April 23rd, 2014

Getting ready for the opening this weekend of the BSO Designer Show House in Baltimore, 23rd & 24th floors PH at Silo Point. This is the 38th year of the event and it promises to be one of the best ever! Here is a peak at my Family Room; thanks to American Eye Show Room at the WDC for providing most of the furniture, Tim McFadden of McFadden Art Glass and Aric Wanveer of Zero Gravity Metal Art for their fantastic pieces I commissioned for the space. Tim created phenomenal blown glass pieces, Aric built my mirror and Richard Schaad stenciled the walls. All in all, it is a show house to please every taste. Come visit, the opening is on 4.27.14 with a brunch, you can get tickets to it at www.bsomusic.org


Great Paintings Display at Andaz Hotel – West Hollywood.

August 11th, 2013

New Art Installation
R. Nelson Parrish

Reacting to Southern California living, Alaskan R. Nelson Parrish voices his work through color. Drawing from skiing, surfing, and auto racing, Parrish uses personal experience as a source material for the creation of objects comprised of resin, pigment resin, racing stripes, wood and fiberglass. The resulting works are hybrid of painting and sculpture. They seek to be a visual translation of the kinetic movement experienced through adrenaline sports and the rapid advancement of high speed technology. Ultimately Parrish seeks to meld these emotions, and seemingly disparate elements, and consider the question of natural verses synthetic. — at Andaz West Hollywood.
#100 (1A - 20E).

A true “form ever follows function” from Venezuelan architetcs!

June 4th, 2013

In my most humble and personal opinion, The Villa del Cine building, is not only an ode to Venezuelan artist Jesus Soto’s 3-D sculptural art; but also, a great design which embodies the famous phrase by American Architect Louis Sullivan, “form ever follows function”, at its best! I see that Venezuelan architects Carlos and Lucas Pou Ruan have fused this into their design built in the city of  Guarenas, 20 minutes from Caracas, Venezuela.


Architects Carlos and Lucas Pou Ruan used cubes, perforated metal layers, exposed structural elements and substantial overhangs. All these elements not only seem to serve as true structure; but also, as passive solar controls  conceived to define the flow of space and linear arrangements which are also reminiscent of Luis Khan’s  spatial use of a building correlating one space to the other in how it services the “use” and “user” within the  structure.

This is a great execution of design using sustainable means while maintaining clean modern elements; which,  applied the correct way, it enhances the aesthetics, functionality, technology and the purpose of the building in mind to create this elegantly simple and perfect building. Fantastic!!


Please follow the link below to read article by architectural Web magazine “Entre Rayas” :


HRC, Global Equality Fund & Elton John Aids Foundation – Global Equality Gala, Washington DC

July 25th, 2012

I had the honor and privilege to be asked by Co-Founder of the NGLCC, Mr. Justin Nelson and by the coordinator for the event, Mr. Will Hiley to partake and provide my interior design services to set up three sitting/holding rooms for U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sir Elton John and Sharon Stone.

This Georgetown manse in Washington, D.C.  was the venue for the Global Equality Gala hosted by the HRC on the evening of July 23, 2012.  I accepted such challenge with great enthusiasm and the desire to help in this great cause.  The short notice and time allotted to complete this task was challenging but not impossible to accomplish.

I immediately  contacted Mr. Todd Martz , the owner of American Eye Showroom, who graciously accepted to help. His showroom is located at the Washington Design Center, where I normally do my furniture search for my clients.  The rooms needed to be quickly assembled and to follow protocol in their lay-out and set up. I was given about 48 hrs from the time I was contacted to the time I had the last piece of furniture placed down.  One room was to welcome Sir Elton John and Ms. Clinton, the other was to welcome Ms. Sharon Stone and one was set to hold  “open conversations” and to be located on the main level.

I hope you enjoy these quick phone shots I took before security swept the place.  I set up these rooms with a lot of care and in hopes that my humble contribution could further help in making this a great event.  Always looking forward to better living………..Ricardo A. Ramos


What Makes Good Interior Designers?

June 6th, 2012

Education, Education, Education

When it comes to interior design, qualified professionals hold degrees from accredited colleges and Universities. In order to obtain these degrees, interior designers must study at an accredited university for 4 years. In addition, bachelors and doctorates degrees in interior design also require the completion of an internship. This internship is supervised while working in a large design firm or under the direct supervision of an individual practitioner. This provides a structured, corporate environment either for residential or commercial practice, while the student learns under the supervision of other professional designers or architects.

However, some individuals call themselves “Interior Designers”, even though they lack educational training on the subject. To be fair, I am not trying to downgrade or discredit practicing decorators, as they provide useful services in many aspects of decorative design.

Interior Designers vs. Decorators

Those who do not have a degree from an accredited university are called decorators. They do not hold a diploma that gives them the “interior designer” title and have not completed the requisite education level.

No one questions whether or not these decorators are capable of creating beautiful and elegant spaces. However, due to their lack of the required professional practice education, it is hard to believe that they have the knowledge to make decisions regarding local laws, regulations, codes, safety and use of materials application. They might not understand the elements of design in areas of sustainability, ADA requirements, BOCA codes requirements, HVAC systems, electrical and mechanical, estate/county regulations, toxic emission knowledge from surface applications, as well as, structural understandings between a wood frame built space or a concrete/steel construction. A decorator does not have the educational background to decide whether or not you can move a wall without compromising its structural safety. These are some of the many responsibilities we undertake when making a big decision for your home, retail space or office. In short, safety, regulations and codes are a big part of practicing interior design. Thus, the client must always ask questions beyond the color, chair or fabric they would like to have in their home. The years in practice a design professional has under his belt is as valuable as where they obtained their degree and internship experience..

View our new video!

May 11th, 2012

Studio Ramos is proud to announce the release of our new video! We hope you like it, and please contact us today at rramos@studioramosllc.com for a consultation.


Read what IDRA wrote about Studio Ramos!

May 9th, 2011

happy Monday, I am exited to announce that IDRA (The Interior Design Resource Agency) has written a story/profile about me and my work. To read it please follow this link http://blog.idratheagency.com/2011/05/idra-featured-designer-ricardo-ramos.html
Thank you,
Ricardo Ramos.

Is there a better fabric than Chenille?

October 26th, 2010

It depends, if you are looking for comfort and a very “soft hand” to its touch; then more likely, you will have to look at a Worsted Wool or a Velvet. Now, if you are looking for durability and somehow “soft hand”, I suggest the use of Xorel, with this fabric you will experience extreme durability and abuse resistance like no other. This is a man made fabric used widely in the commercial and corporate interiors. Its content is called Monofilament Polyethelene (Polyethelene is considered on of the cleanest plastics available). The clean-ability, colorfastness and durability are inherent to the yarn and are permanent. I use this fabric to cover not only furniture but also walls, built-in cabinets, etc., the uses tend to be almost infinite.

This fabric is great in a home with pets and children! Sauces, Cranberry juice or even a Merlot spill will be taken care with a brush and mild soaped water, yes, soaped water, even Spray cleaners such as Fantastic or “Carbona” will not damage this fabric.

Although, this wonder of a fabric is not available throughout retailers, only your professional designer or architect can get it for you; it is well worth its price. Remember, it will save you a fortune in replacing the entire fabric from your 98″ long sofa or from your family heirloom chair. It comes in great patterns and hundreds of solid beautiful colors. Also, patterned and metallic looks have been introduced very recently.

Give it a try and remember that you heard it first from me, your designer……Ricardo Ramos


The Glover Park Chair

October 4th, 2010

This chair is sexy, elegant and sophisticated; inspired by the Art Deco movement era. Great for rooms in which a conversational set up is planned or great for a reading room. It has a tight seat and back for ease of maintenance. The nail heads trim gives it a sophisticated look. The price point is great and of course, my upholstery collection is made to order, always the norm with any SR Home Collection.

Thanks for visiting my Blog……….Ricardo.

SR Home Collection Arrives

September 28th, 2010

SR Home Collection Arrives!

Welcome to Fall everyone! This is one of my favorite times of year. The weather, the colors and the scents all add up to an amazing re-birth here in Washington. Along with my excitement for this welcome change in seasons, I could not be more proud to announce the arrival of my 2010 SR Home Collection this Fall. In this collection of 8 pieces, my transitional style and tasteful elegance has been brought to life through the classic designs and robust fabric offerings in this year’s collection.

The SR Home Collection includes sofas, chairs, lounges and benches – all of which fit perfectly with most any style of home interior. To create this year’s collection, I drew from the vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods of our home here in Washington, D.C., naming each piece after the great historic sections of the city. I believe that the rich history and the legacy of the city’s great residents lend each piece its own identity.

So please click here and view our furniture gallery, thumb through the fabrics and of course, feel free to place your order request today!

As always, I would love your comments and feedback on the collection, the fabrics and anything else you’d love to report back on.

Have a great week!

– Ricardo.

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